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Building supplies and finishes

We supply all building and finishing materials with suitable and high quality products from all manufacturers. We have partnerships with the most important manufacturers..

Lifting equipment and winches

The peculiarity of each project, projects require special equipment. We provide all services that complete construction work, especially cranes of all shapes and loads.

Electrical devices and office equipment

All the electrical devices that our customers need, also all the equipment we provide.

All electromechanical work requirements

We provide all the requirements of electromechanical work to our customers, including cables and pipes.

Solar heaters

Nord Cafe components for solar heaters with the best quality and lowest price.

Air conditioners and central networks

We supply the components of Egyptian air conditioners and all components of their networks.

Metal scaffolding

Metal scaffolding is one of the most important equipment on which to work in all construction projects that we are happy to provide to our customers.

Road blocks and car bumpers

We have all kinds of road barriers and car bumpers.

Fire networks

We provide all requirements for fire networks, including fire detectors, alarms, and fire panels.

Industrial security missions

We supply all tasks of industrial protection and security to factories and companies.

Armored doors

We supply all types of armored doors with various specifications, as well as aluminal doors.