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Air condition maintenance

We have the best engineers and technicians in the maintenance of all air conditioners. We provide original spare parts at the best prices.

Maintenance of production lines

Maintenance of production lines requires accuracy in work and speed of completion, we offer that to our customers and more.

Infrastructure maintenance

We have completed many infrastructure projects, and most importantly, we have provided support and maintenance to many of our customers inside Egypt..

Maintenance of swimming pools and water tanks

We have good experience in the work and maintenance of seven bathrooms and tanks.

Maintenance of sewage stations

All the maintenance Zero stations needs, we do it.

Maintenance of green spaces

Regular maintenance of green spaces is a key element to preserve them. We provide it with quality at the lowest costs.

Maintenance of fire lines

Maintenance of fire lines is one of the most important safety factors for facilities and buildings. We do it with the highest quality standards.