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Integrated constructions concretes works

We do all contracting and concrete works.

Roadblocks works

We implement all road barriers of all sizes and required specifications.

Façade finishing works

We do all finishing works for facades of residential and administrative buildings using all raw materials of stone, metal, cladding and paints.

Helicopter floors

We make helicopter floors with the best materials and the best quality.

Water treatment plants

In Trust we always strive to be the best services for the construction and design of water treatment plants of all kinds, which are among the most important services that distinguish us from them..

Electricity works

We provide all electrical works, street lighting, high pressure stations, internal networks and electricity transformers.

Epoxy floors

We are distinguished by the work of all floors, on top of which are epoxy floors with the finest materials and skilled hands.

Floor planning

We provide all complementary services to the infrastructure, including road planning.

Isolation works

We are always pleased with our achievements we have made in the field of insulation of all kinds, thermal, water, cladin, rock wool and Armaflex.